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The thawing Arctic Ocean is again finding its way into the news, as countries are vying for control of oil and gas deposits there. It is said to be tricky and a little frightening as no one–up to now–has had much interest in enforcing conflicting claims of jurisdiction.

Myself, with a sailing boat parked in Norway, I am much more interested in the sea lanes that are opening. What great, convenient, and cheap access–for me and shipping companies everywhere–between thousands of ports in the northern hemisphere. A quick search turned-up this story–

The opening of a new waterway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is akin in historic significance to the opening of the Suez Canal, in 1869, or is Panamanian cousin, in 1914. With this sea change will come the rise and fall of international seaports, newfound access to nearly a quarter of the world’s remaining undiscovered oil and gas reserves, and a recalibration of geo-strategic power.

and a cool map.

arctic map
Click the image above to see the full map

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