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Nice to see some sensible opinions being developed in this world of global recession.

Today’s economic downturn has blindsided a generation of young people around the globe brought up to believe that a college degree guaranteed them financial prosperity. Whether in the US, China, or in countries in between, graduates from even marquee-name schools are feeling the crunch, prompting many rightly to rethink the value of their education.

For a few years I have been teasing my students with pleas to quit school as soon as they can get away with it, go work as a street sweeper or dish washer.  I say teasing my students, but part of me is dead serious. Do any of us really have any legitimate evidence that more ambition, wealth, responsibility makes us any happier or healthier?

I ride my bicycle to work each morning, often passing local workers on the street. Their smiles and laughter are almost constant. Maybe they are not too worried about their kid’s university fund.


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  1. still there are people in the world who are not effected by the recession….

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