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800px-flag_of_the_communist_party_of_nepal_unified_marxist-leninistsvgI often disagree with this journalist, but here she argues something that I have been wondering about.

It took a lot to drive average Americans into a torrent of populist outrage, ready to tar and feather executives of American International Group and other greedy financiers who brought the world economy to the brink of collapse and then dared to demand outrageous compensation for their work. Given that regular stiffs have been struggling for decades, it’s a wonder that anger took so long to build.

The article goes on to talk less about the populist anger and more and more about wage disparities in the US, including this statistic: “In 1965, CEOs earned 24 times the pay of the average worker; by 2007, the factor was 275 times.” Wow. I bet that is way beyond anything Marx had in mind when predicting the socialist revolution. I always thought Marx’s approach to history–dialectical materialism–was spot-on. It is probable that a Marxist revolution does not need to be violent, only a dramatic change.

Is it happening?


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