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arcticI used to hear that from my dad when I was in trouble. Sounds corny now, but then it was frightening. Now thin ice is frightening lots of people–the thin ice in the arctic which is quick to melt in the coming months. 

The Arctic is treading on thinner ice than ever before. Researchers say that as spring begins, more than 90 percent of the sea ice in the Arctic is only 1 or 2 years old. That makes it thinner and more vulnerable than at anytime in the past three decades, according to researchers with NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado.

Thicker ice apparantly “acts as a refrigerator for the rest of the globe.” As it disappears the ocean absorbs and stores more heat from the sun, changing ecosystems everywhere.

Other effects, often lost in the maze of environmental concerns, are overwhelmingly positive. The arctic is a huge area that has thus far been protected from exploitation. Huge amounts of mineral resources and oil are estimated to be there, and an ice-free arctic will open new shipping lanes that will greatly discount the cost of trade between the west and Asia. Here is an article that describes the land-rush that is bringing conflicting claims of territory among the arctic nations.


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