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I was just thinking how the US does not seem to be applying anti-trust regulations, when this article–New Mood in Antitrust May Target Google–suddenly appears on my homepage.

Last week, the Obama administration declared a sharp break with the Bush years, vowing to toughen antitrust enforcement, especially for dominant companies. The approach is closer to that of the European Union, where regulators last week fined Intel $1.45 billion for abusing its power in the chip market.

In this new climate, the stakes appear to be highest for Google, the rising power of the Internet economy.

Easy enough to find cases of non competitive behaviour in tech companies, but I was wondering about the music industries as well. Copyrights were extended back in 1969 and since then music companies have merged and the industry seems far from competitive now. I don’t know how it turned out, but not long ago the EU was investigating recording companies for price fixing in several European markets.


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