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wineboatTwo articles in the Times today about luxury goods that have fallen in value with the economic crisis. One is about the upscale wine market, and emphasizes the opportunities available to potential investors. The other is about the boat and yacht market, but the emphasis is on the difficulty of selling in a market where there is a big surplus.

Of course both markets represent good opportunities for buyers and low prices for sellers, and you would expect the same to be true for upscale restaurants, holiday hotels and travel, designer clothes, luxury goods of all kinds. Does this also mean that inferior goods have a higher demand now? I think I did hear that Walmart is doing OK.

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  1. I have just come across your blog, and have enjoyed reading your posts. I wish I could say that the price of luxury goods have come down here in South Africa, but alas they haven’t whether its a good thing or not I would say that its a good thing it helps with building the economy again with this recession.

    Hope to come back and have a good read again soon


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