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kimjong2If Kim Jong Il is just trying to grab some attention and headlines, he is doing a good job. Not sure what else motivates him and North Korea in their continued test of missiles and nuclear weapons. Six missiles have been tested in the past week, and one nuclear test. The North Koreans–and the rest of us too–are learning that they are capable of a significant attack on South Korea and much of Japan. Even China may be leary of their tiny neighbors.

North Korea said it conducted the test in self defense. It has asserted that the United States is planning a pre-emptive strike to oust the regime of leader Kim Jong Il and warned it would not accept sanctions or other punitive measures being discussed by the Security Council.

Kim has also said–for some reason–that they will no longer honor the 1953 ceasefire that ended the Korean War. The guy comes off looking more crazy that beligerant. The sad thing is that his craziness may well result in innocent deaths.

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