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burningdollarBen Stein has an interesting editorial in the Times today–it makes the claim that US policy makers are trying to do too much rather than focusing on a single goal and getting it done.

When I think about the economy I think about a plump man who has just been hit by a truck while crossing a street and is in severely critical condition with internal bleeding. Instead of just stabilizing his hemorrhaging, the doctor decides that while the patient is unconscious, he might as well also do a face lift, some coronary bypasses and a stomach-stapling to keep him from gaining weight while he is recovering (if he does recover). After all, a crisis is not to be wasted.

Similarly, we have an administration that is simultaneously seeking to end the recession, discussing drastic changes to laws on foreclosures and energy use and completely changing the health care system. I respectfully question whether all of this makes sense.

Mr Steins comments after that make one wonder if he really just does not like these other policies. I am suspicious that he is against health care reform, against mortgage reform, and he is clearly against cap-and-trade for oil.

None the less, his point that the economy demands more focused attention from the Obama administration, well…

Do you believe the attention is helping to begin with?

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