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trafficA man was questioned then released by police after he was seen throwing bricks at cars that were running red lights and endangering pedestrians. A poll was released on the Internet and 80% supported the man’s actions.

Me too. Chinese drivers are not careless drivers, in fact I find them to be overly cautious, but traffic laws are not enforced and most drivers act as thought they have the right to drive where they want, when they want, no matter if a pedestrian or cyclist is in the way. Actually, the working rule is that you must stop for anyone in front of you, but that encourages drivers to speed up and cut in front of other traffic. It looks like absolute mayhem to newcomers here.

Just yesterday I saw a taxi hit a cyclist, no damage or injury. The strange thing was that the driver immediately got out and started yelling at the cyclist, apparantly for being in his way.

One day people here will figure it all out. It is easy to forget that people have been driving here only for fifteen years or so, and 80% of drivers are driving their very first car.

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