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silver-liningTurn economic setback into opportunity–this is a nice sermon, or political speech–maybe even a script for a life tutor dealing with a depressed patient–but it is hardly helpful or informative for most people. Yeah, getting laid off gives you time to try alternative ways to spend your time, and if you have some money laid aside, you might open your own business or try some volunteer work, like mentioned in the article.

Truth is, one of the problems of this recession is that people were overspending and unable to keep up with their debt. Those people get laid off and they have to find a job quick, even if it means flipping burgers for some fast-food joint, or mopping floors somewhere. That is the reality more often than not.

Opportunity? The opportunity was always there, and even more so when the economy is strong. This message only works for people like the former Wall Street couple mentioned in the  article.

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