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incineratorMore China bashing with the NY Time’s China’s Incinerators Loom as Global Hazard. The article begins with some frightening facts about incinerating trash, especially the toxins released into the atmosphere. China is building more of these incinerators as they run out of room for landfill. China is also cited for surpassing the U.S. as the largest household trash producers on the planet.

Some balance is restored with observations that clean incinerators are being built in the places that can afford them, government is pushing to clean emmisions, and the methane emmisions from landfill are worse than the incinerator toxins anyway. But the general tone of the article remains fixed on the dirty Chinese.

One Chinese engineer is quoted as saying that the Chinese are not really interested in recycling, again an apparant dig at Chinese pollution standards. What is not mentioned is that trash is regularly separated and recycled by the poor and by municipal collectors. True, in the typical household here, no one thinks about recycling, but as soon as our trash gets put out, people come along to take cardboard, plastics, bottles, styrofoam, metal. It all gets separated and sold for reuse in another form.

As for China recently surpassing the US as the largest producer of household garbage–yeah–with five times the population. So the typical US household can be proud for only producing three or four times as much trash as a Chinese household?

Why the anti-China slant in these articles? Does it help sell newspapers?

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