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shoesI liked running into this article on the new trend in athletic footwear. It seems there is little evidence to support shoe makers’ arguments that their shoes really help you run faster or prevent injury.  New companies are coming out with footwear that is little more than a glove for the foot., just a rubber or neoprene sleeve that often has the toes covered individually. Looks a little weird, but these companies seem to be doing pretty well.

Wish my dad were still alive so I could send the story to him. In my teens and twenties, even into my thirties, I loved going barefoot–used to run barefoot, play soccer, mow the lawn, go shopping–I even remember going to university classes barefoot. Every once in a while, especially from my dad, I would hear, “You are going to hurt yourself doing that.” He especially did not like when I would drive barefoot.  It made him furious, like I was rebelling against some important cultural ethic.



  1. What a funny idea~
    Can I attend your economic class barefoot?

  2. Sure Chamlis. Maybe I will go barefoot too.

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