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Robert Reich has published a new article titled The Economic Reality That No One Wants to Talk About. He claims there that the stimulus packages aimed at ending unemployment will bring underemployment–employment at lower wages–because of the structural changes in the US economy.

Not sure that people are not talking about this, They are certainly discussing the strength and weakness of different stimulus plans, and I wonder what you think if Reich’s proposed solution?

…permanent new investments in the productivity of Americans.What sort of investments? Big ones that span many years: early childhood education for every young child, excellent K-12, fully-funded public higher education, more generous aid for kids from middle-class and poor families to attend college, good health care, more basic R&D that’s done here in the U.S., better and more efficient public transit like light rail, a power grid that’s up to the task, and so on.

That sounds socialist enough that most Americans would refrain from bringing it up. Maybe that is what Reich meant.

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