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Christmas posting, here is an article that points to new job opportunities for those trained in rock climbing. Maybe a good example to use when discussing structural unemployment.

Of course wind turbines are not a terribly new technology, but their use has become increasingly  economically viable, replacing some coal and oil  for electricity generation. As fewer workers and resources are used in traditional generation plants, some people will not find viable job opportunities until they get training in a new skill, perhaps turbine climbing.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Structuaral unemployment is cause by changes in technology requires labor skills.In this case,working with the wind turbine really needs people with the skill of climbing.However,this kind of job is less effective for employment,because the wind turbine is not so ubiquitous,but it may be popular in the future when people care more about the resours and pollution,at that time this new job will contribute to the employment.

  2. HeHe,maybe lots of students are confused by structural unemployment.
    The solution of structuaral unemployment should be provided more practical education to encourage people who are suffering enemployment to have new skills, making finding new job possible. In addition, goverment can creat some ner area for them.

  3. We should get more versatile wokers, multitasking is the future trend……

  4. That’s 100% certain that increasingly green technologies(like wind power) are contributing significantly to the reduction of CO2 emission and thus largely compact the climate change. However, it is still uncertain that whether the green jobs can reduce soaring unemployment rate or not. So from my point of view, I think it is a quite painful decision for the government(at least they have to think twice). Save current worker’s jobs or save the future generation(economic development), that is a problem.

    Meanwhile, many people hold that clean energy investments will create millions of manufacturing jobs and create whole new industries. Someone once told me that the potential for clean-energy job creation is seven times larger than the number of jobs that could be created by spending the same amount of money within the fossil fuel industry,but I doubt it.

    And in this case compared to the huge cost of training the traditional generation workers into hi-tech engineers, the job of rope specialists or rope access technicians is much easier and more exciting(more importantly much cheaper for the re-training program payer-GOVERNMENT). Further, this sort of structural unemployment is a not a bad thing for the society(new breakthrough of civilization), and I am sure that it is quite the opposite. Renewable energy is the key to a better future, the key to boost much-needed economic development for LDCs.

  5. Merry Christmas!=^_^=

  6. Wind turbines is a really eco-friendly stuff and it can replace the obsolete and traditional ways to produce energy.It is obvious that we need to reduce greenhouse gases by using such new technologies. However, it will result in structural employment coz many workers don’t understand how to deal with these new stuffs. So governments and firms should subsidize these workers so that let them develop their new skills. Besides, some specialized classes can give them necessary training about the new technology as well.

  7. Yeah,,,truely , this article is about structural unemployment…..i remember ,today we just took a test which included sth about this concept,,,
    And , skills for different kind of workers are really the bounderies …many workers cannot get adapted to the new jobs just because they are no familiar with the new skill
    so,,high-tech stuff like wind power not only need fund support but also professional training for people to work it is needed.

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