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Multicultural critical theory–at business school? This is presented as a radical, new idea, first ocurring to Roger Martin about ten years ago. Indeed, the idea does seem to have disappeared from the business landscape over the last quarter century or so, and what a shame that has been.

Mr. Martin,  dean of the Rotman School of Management, refers to his ideas as a liberal arts M.B.A. Sorry Mr. Martin, this is not your idea, nor is it at all original (you know this already) though it is high time someone in the right place started pushing for it.

Older references to these ideas comes from many places–Max Weber occurs to me, and Mark Twain, Sinclair Lewis. A simple Google search will turn-up some interesting statistics on this, like only one third of the top CEO’s in the US have an education focused only on business.

Most successful CEO’s will tell you their studies of history or philosophy or the classics was most important to their work today.

Dear students, Are you hearing this?

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  1. That is genuinly what I thought when I was applying for UIUC business school.I should have choosen somthin’ rather practical than pure business,such as a little bit math,statistics etc. thus I’m thinking about double major sort of stuffs.Man with no concreate technolegical basis,or simply man withno specific knowledge, ain’t gonna success in any business that you could imagine.

    • I agree with you !Bussiness is too general .Have some specific knowledge and skill will be better !
      I have consult someone about how can I be a principal,the answer is step by step,do it from the crateria of the principal is not like bussiness,basic stuff is how to teach ,how to impact students of school!
      like vice-president of google,his major is calculator,and now became a CEO of China.

  2. frist i must to say that my point is from the economy. the economic terms are separated by different schools. for example, if we talk about the demand-side and supply-side policies, there are two models of that, even their are totally different,they are both right,but they may fit different time period.The classical model and the keynesian model, also the differnet views are happened in the balance of payment, both marshall-lerner condition and J-curve effect are right.but marshall-lerner condition is mainly focused on the short term, and the J-curve effect are concetrated on the long term. in addtion, the different economists are focused on different parts of economy, for example, the marshall focus on the labour, and the cobb-douglas theory is talking about the productivity.

  3. i will say that methods of success come from the business which has been successed. then economists put these into theroy, which we are learning now. During these perioed, lots of things have been changed. If a person only refer the theory, when he face some practical problem. That means he is outdated. No matter who you are, which kind of major you learn. In the right time to do the right thing you can be success.

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