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Here is a story about a horribly sad situation. Because of worker blockades protesting threatened lay-offs, beer manufacturers are having trouble receiving supplies and delivering what beer they are still able to make. 

OK. We have a shortage of beer. Prices should go up, right? No mention of that yet, but it turns out there has also been a shift in demand over recent years. Because of changing habits and an aging population, beer consumption has declined by 20% over the last eight years.

Perhaps the lay-offs are justified after all, but you can not blame the workers for trying to keep their jobs.

Then–for some reason–end of the fourth paragraph–there is a link to a video report about beer-bikes in Amsterdam. Not Belgium, but I guess it is about beer, so close enough.

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  1. Boring life lead people a beer-life…
    more beer consumption burst up suddenly , but few years ago the demand shift to the left , so consequently a sudden rise of consumption make a shortage of beer and the price of beer remains constant…

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