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This story is about Farmville, something I know about only because some of my old students are playing it on Facebook. I wanted to read the story because I have this suspiscion that this is another one of those computer games that is quite educational.

I was–at first–disappointed.

And with FarmVille, “there’s an appeal that’s just cute, with the amazing ways people take the farms and develop them out as their own.”

In the end, he hopes, “people will see this as a fun little escape.”

“It was completely mindless and just mine,”

Later, the story sounded a bit more like this was something educational, maybe people just don’t recognize that it is.

To John Reifsteck, a corn-and-soybean grower in Champaign County, Ill., there are parallels between virtual and actual farming. “Success at FarmVille requires foresight, persistence and a willingness to help others — just like farming in the real world,” he wrote in an online column last month.

This makes people uncomfortable and people tend to dismiss it, but research consistently suggests that game playing–video games too–stimulates our minds much more than sitting in a classroom.

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  1. Yeah it is amazing the amount of people, young and old, are playing this game.

  2. ,,,now video games are very proper for lazy guys ,,but still educational…i want to say sth about economic ,,but right now , i dont see anything about economic in this piece of news

  3. I am very curious about this kind of website ,what is the benefit of this company?

  4. Those sort of online web-page games are amazingly popular all around…somebody even sells an ultimate account on, for 99999yuan. Ironicly, some even try to bribe their boss by giving out their virtual livestocks…Once there are people get addicted to it, They start to charge for higher level equipments…and that’s what we call the routine in Chinese online games

  5. Just wondering, I have found this page by mistake.Do any of you guys play farmville on facebook. Im looking for a cheat guide for farmville facebook. Can anyone recommend any good guides

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