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Some of this story about the Chinese bullet trains is really impressive.

The Chinese bullet train, which has the world’s fastest average speed, connects Guangzhou, the southern coastal manufacturing center, to Wuhan, deep in the interior. In a little more than three hours, it travels 664 miles, comparable to the distance from Boston to southern Virginia. That is less time than Amtrak’s fastest train, the Acela, takes to go from Boston just to New York.

Even more impressive, the Guangzhou to Wuhan train is just one of 42 high-speed lines recently opened or set to open by 2012 in China. By comparison, the United States hopes to build its first high-speed rail line by 2014, an 84-mile route linking Tampa and Orlando, Fla.

OK, bragging rights over the US are one thing, but the really impressive part is the economic stimulus this investment provides for both short term and long.

Of course jobs are being created now with the construction of the trains and tracks, but the new, fast transport will also improve the mobility of labor and other resources needed in an expanding economy.

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  1. Indeed, the bullet train is one of the most exciting infrastructures China has built in those years, it provides us a gapless connection between cities such as Beijing & Tianjin. Some say it is even faster to start from Tianjin to Beijing than it is to start from Rural Beijing.Some Tianjin tourists might give it a quick glance to our capital city after tasting Seaside GoBelieve Bun.
    In the sourthern area, take where I am located now for instance, There’s rarely choices to get into Wenzhou, The Flight price is always sky high and Highway traffic is as dangerous as usual, now the bullet train passed Baishi(A town in Wenzhou) made some significant changes ,loads of people came in this area than before.Nodoubt the economy has been boosting.

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