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This article–In Secret, Nations Work Toward Crackdown on Piracy–tells the story of contemporary copyright infringement without noticeable favoritism to either side. It is also made quite clear that there are strong feelings in support of copyright enforcement, and a huge number of people who think it is not necessary.

The cheap and selfish side of me loves pirated music and movies, and I am happy to live in a place where that is accepted. The economist side of me understands the justifications for copyright protection, to reward the innovation and creativity of writers, actors, movie directors, and musicians.

The real problem now is that the true beneficiaries of copyright laws are not the artists at all. Rather, they are the millionaire producers and owners of the book, movie, and music industries. They can argue day and night that quality movies and music depend on copyright enforcement and the great profits that result, but it is truly becoming a poorly disguised ruse to rationalize higher prices.

The real cost to society comes with the decreased expenditures for other goods and services. It decreases consumer surplus and indirectly decreases profits in other industries.

Because we need to encourage people to sing and write and create?


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  1. The best way to enforce copyright is to enhance the quality of product, once it is worth enough to buy, fakes won’t get any market, and that is the balance of value and price, in chiese, two words are composed in similar way,价值&价格. The slightly difference between each other is da consumer surplus behind the labels.
    Take a current culture phenomenon Avatar for instance, 4 months before it was officially released, They annouced taht it is a major progess in movie history, a ture legend like Titanic, and I was overwhelmed by the promotion clips. AS a result of those marketing dedication, my family paid nearly 700 yuan for this 2 hour fantasy and It turns out to be worth 700.

  2. I agree with upstair opinion!Ding!Everybodu like cheap things,if we want more people willing buy the legal copy special edition,the way is make long distance between real and feak!In other words,it is like Chamlis words,enhance the quality of product.

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