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Parts of this report confirm my first reaction to the Google-China dispute over censorship of the Internet. Part of Google’s anger was fueled by hacking that was tracked to Chinese locations.

China has denied any role in the Google attacks and has said it will punish the hackers if they are found. American experts have said subsequently that the attacks had been traced to computers at a prominent Chinese technical university and a vocational school with ties to the Chinese military.

My own Internet experience in China, including the blocking of every website and blog I have produced here, made me suspicious that locals were responsible for the censorship. There was nothing in anything I produced that was anti-China–quite the opposite I think.

Most of what I produce is meant to be educational, mostly economic related, and I can only justify the censorship by assuming those responsible are simply not educated enough to understand what is being said.

(This post is no doubt going to get the blog blocked again.)

If China is serious about controlling the Internet, they need to bring regional servers under their wing and allow the service to complement the education and flow of information that allow for continued growth in the country.

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  1. Your blog is currently unblocked ~got lucky. If one really wants to get over the wall or say block, there are always solutions….and the vocational school – Jinan Lanxiang is not such a serious problem as far as i’m concerned. Cuz if it indeed serving our military, the very first issue country would considered won’t be internet safty but domestic safety.

  2. I heard China is blocking everything that has to do with Google’s withdrawal from China, which clearly shows that the Chinese government is feeling guilty.

  3. Chinese government could hardly block everything out of the country, that would destroy the value of Internet. To control the flow information would be an optimal idea, because Chinese internet technology haven’e develop to that high level. However,if China try to block information from abroad, to what extent does Bill Gates or Kaspersky would like to block overwhelm spreaded illegal copy in Chinese internet?

  4. Uh…(This post is no doubt going to get the blog blocked again.)
    Youtube,Facebook,Twitter are totally not accessible in China. That’s quite inconvenient! Yesterday, my American host family posted some nice photos onto the blog. AGAIN! I couldn’t access the website! I was reaaally disappointed… Chinese government is afraid of attacks of rumous and slanders like a little child. However, the information is limited and immobilized. Chinese officers should distinguish which websites are good and which are really venomous.
    ps:Many students told me that your blog wasn’t blocked any more. But I still couldn’t view it… Now, I have to use “FreeGate”(a good software) to post a comment =.=…

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