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For better or worse, two articles today point to a more mature economy here in China. One says,– China’s new generation picky about factory jobs. It claims that there are shortages of labor in manufacturing–something I heard from friends but could not quite believe–partly because of restrictions for too many people to get out of the agricultural sector.

The second is titled–China to bid on US high-speed rail projects. The irony here might be painful for some in the US, that high tech manufacturing needs to be imported from a country that has dominated low tech manufacturing over the last 25 years.

One of the difficult lessons of development economics is that investment somehow needs to encourage movement away from primary industry in favor of manufacturing and–finally–the tertiary sector. A subset of manufacturing might be a move from low tech manufacture toward high tech, where higher wages can be generated and better education can be rewarded.

That brings us back to the article on shortages in the labor markets, where younger workers are demanding more from a job than just a living wage.

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  1. I heard that there are more than 8 million peasant-workers in China. They leave rural areas and try to “find high-profit job” in big cities. In fact, those jobs are still humble, such as babysitter,cleaner and blue-collar workers. Seemingly.Seemingly,new generation is not interested in such jobs. As I see it, youngsters prefer to become teachers, professors or accountants. They don’t care factory jobs which are low-class in their thoughts. Obviously, a living wage is not the only factor for younsters to choose their jobs.
    Development economics?… OMG, we haven’t learned the last chapter. So…I have nothing to say…

    • the first sentence should be revised as”I hear that there are…..”

  2. OMG!!! Yes,your website is unblocked. It was the end of China’s annual session of parliament yesterday and they got your website unblocked.
    Thanks God!! I’ve got something to do when I am home finally. And here is an useful website for you(might be more useless now)

  3. Heard that China’s got to build a high-speed-rail-way conectting Beijing & London, the total jurney would possibly take 2 days long, which is pretty fast compare to the half-day flight now.
    Since that monment I started to notice that we might be , finally, strong at doing somethin.
    Another good news is that, the Chinese originated sport brand LingNing has brought US a big shock with the opening of its first retailing store in Portland, which indicates the tech of, not only manufacturing, but also designing of China has made a tremendous step forward!

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