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Finally finished with internal assessment and predicted grades, I have the chance to get back to blogging with a continuation of the last post. Today’s story mentions China as a likely choice to build a high speed railway linking LA and San Francisco.

China has already begun building high-speed rail routes in Turkey, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. It is looking for opportunities in seven other countries, notably a route sought by the Brazilian government between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Zheng said.

International rail experts say that China has mastered the art of building high-speed rail lines quickly and inexpensively.

“These guys are engineering driven — they know how to build fast, build cheaply and do a good job,” said John Scales, the lead transport specialist in the Beijing office of the World Bank.

The California rail authority plans to spend $43 billion to build a 465-mile route from San Francisco to Los Angeles and on to Anaheim that is supposed to open in 2020.

California is ready to spend the money, and China–somehow–has quickly become a leader in the ability to build these things. This is a little surprising to me, as I am still hearing from friends that workers here lack innovation, and the cost-cutting mentality would seem to pose dangers for these high-tech projects.

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