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Chinese manufacturers are already making rough copies of Apple’s iPad.

The 10-inch entertainment device, on which one can read books, play music and videos and surf the Internet, sold more than 500,000 in its first week alone, and continued strong U.S. demand has led Apple to delay the product’s international launch to the end of April.

Chinese counterfeiters have rushed to fill the iPad gap.

Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, contains hundreds of listings for the coveted product, many real but some dubiously labeled as “China goods”, with claims to have even better features than the real deal.

While the producers are referred to as counterfeiters and pirates, the iPad, like other copies, are not perfect copies and they are not sold as Apple products. Sure, the technology is copied, and sometimes the logo, but sellers are honest about products being copies rather than the real thing.

Prices for the Chinese iPads are only a small bit cheaper than the real thing. Prices will surely drop when Apple starts selling internationally.



  1. That is fast…!!

  2. Apple’s fancy devices are as exclusive as usual, one can only get apps from iTunes, I agree that is a good way to protect copy right ,but with the competition from Android(google’s open source syetem) & Windows (the most popular OS on the earth)APPLE could bearly stand alone on the land of CHINA, it sells more then the hand set itself but also loads of apple culture. I’ve got one smmugled iPAD and it is not as good as I thought.period.

  3. The cheaper pirate copies will compete with the real Ipad. According to the demand rule, all consumers tend to buy the lower-cost one. It’s really harmful to the Apple company. It’s urgent to build regulations and fight with the illegal market which contains many pirate stuffs.
    (I’m not interested in the products of Apple…OvO…)

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