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What a great idea–maybe–China Plans Huge Buses That Drive Over Cars. Not drive over as on top of them, but really over them. That would allow a bus to skip through traffic jams, get people to their destination quicker, and encourage more people to use public transport. It would also allow cars to pass underneath when the bus is at the bus stop.

Maybe. I commute by bicycle every day in China. Sometimes the traffic jams get so bad I get stuck on my bike, not enough space to get between any two cars. One reason this happens is Chinese drivers do not follow traffic laws, and Chinese police do not enforce them. One of these 3D Express Coaches might drive over three cars and then need to stop because a car is in front of its front-left wheel waiting to make a left hand turn.

In the drawing it looks like the bus maybe runs on a track, but even so the cars will have to follow traffic norms for the bus to be a practical solution.

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