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Interesting article today on how migration patterns are changing in response to economic changes, with many Europeans choosing to live and work in the developing world rather than their home country.

Europe’s ruinous debt crisis and job-sapping economic miseries are reshaping migration trends, with a generation of home-grown talent grabbing at the chance of economic rewards on continents once treated with disdain.

Portuguese are packing their bags for booming Angola and Mozambique in Africa, and for emerging economic powerhouse Brazil, where there is a shortage of engineers to prepare the country for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Spaniards are being drawn to their former colonies in Latin America.

Most of the data mentioned is from Spain and Portugal, but similar changes are also mentioned for Italy, France, Ireland, and Greece.

The article stresses that people are fleeing unemployment and stagnating economies. As an American expat working in China, I believe there are better opportunities overseas for many people, depending on what you do.



  1. price level could be the core of this issue .Everybody want do the high status Job ,because they want get the high salary ,but if u live in the developed the country,the much u made they much u spend.Take “Doritos” as an example,people feel that is cheap to buy it in the vending machine,just 1.25 dollars.But transfer it in the RMB ,it is more than 7 dollars.If American live China,it could make them feel cheaper than live in US.Of course ,there r some difference on the quality.but Pretty much,they got more benefits than live in their own country.In other aspect ,that can escape probobility for unemployment.And also foreigner got advantages work in developing country.
    HAHA!Just for fun!How R U ?!Philip!

  2. since the high the government crisis in the Spain and Portugal, the government has less money pay the welfare which is guanteed to their citizens to ensure their basic live.

    so the goverment’s migration encouragement in the poor eurpean country is reasonable. more their citizen have moved and earned money for their own, the government would decrease unemployment and GNP. their citizen are their tax payer,also the government in the same time earn the extra tax revenue for them there is also a way to decrease its goverment spending to get more revenue for the central bank to do the open market operation.

    in the same time, the leader of those countries do their best to sell their government debt to the developing countries. some developing like China bought some for the polical aim-the renforce the peacful and balanced power among China USA and EU.

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