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US banks should undermine Occupy protesters–an article today that, to my mind, represents a disturbing attitude towards (mostly) legal and peaceful protests. Not able–or maybe not willing–to let legal restrictions limit the actions of OWS, already being done, the Financial Sector is now willing to try to undermine OWS with some type  of media coertion.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a big enough problem for U.S. banks that they should pay for opposition research into the political motives of protesters, said a firm that lobbies for the industry.

Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford, a Washington-based firm, proposed the idea in a memo to the American Banking Association, an industry group which said on Saturday that it did not act on the idea.

The four-page memo outlined how the firm could analyze the source of protesters’ money, as well as their rhetoric and the backgrounds of protest leaders.

“If we can show they have the same cynical motivation as a political opponent, it will undermine their credibility in a profound way,”

Apparantly the banks cannot trust the situation to be handled by legal authority. The financial sector wants to take their efforts away from just making money?

No. I guess that is still their final goal.



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  2. Once I was engaged in a MUN held in Beijing. I was the delegate of a investmenting bank—Goldman Sachs, as the committee is the world bank &IMF. When I was doing my research about this company, I found a interview of one of this company’s manager, working for the aspect of human resource. She said that each of the employees in this company don’t know how long their holiday should be since they never have a rest. And as soon as the call you during the 24hs in a day, no matter what are you doing, you must be there. If not so, you are on fired. In this case, I think maybe the worker in wall street worth such a relatively higher wages. And the long-keeping agitation will disturb the regular order of the society, which may worse the situation.


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