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China has passed a law requiring power companies to buy-up all the electricity generated from renewable sources. My first thought was, “Damn. Wish I had bought stock.”

Second thought is that this is quite a response to the supposed controversy of the recent Copenhagen climate talks. The new law–

empowers the State Council’s energy department, the electricity regulatory agency and its finance departments to determine the amount of renewable energy available in the country’s overall power generating capacity.Power companies will be obliged to take up all of that capacity, and those refusing to do so will be fined an amount up to double that of the economic loss of the renewable energy company,

I would bet now that this story–sadly–will not get much notice in the US. Even less likely–double sad–is that the US will not be able to make a similar gesture to confirm their commitment to emissions controls.

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wind%20turbineKate Galbraith writes here about how some in the American west are claiming that the new embrace of wind power should allow power companies to get rid of damns, returning rivers to their natural state.

Environmental groups contend that the Bonneville Power Administration’s shift to wind turbines buttresses their case for tearing down dams in the agency’s territory, particularly four along the lower Snake River in Washington State that helped decimate one of North America’s great runs of wild salmon.

I don’t get it. How does the presence of wind power get rid of people’s need for the hydroelectric? First, the idea of the wind  turbines is to stop burning fossil fuels, right? If a damn is today worth keeping instead of an new oil powered plant, how does that equation change when you install the wind turbine?

It doesn’t.

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