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ted-rall-cartoon1Ted Rall writes many an interesting article, and in this one (like usual) he writes something many will disagree about (but I don’t)–that popularizing communism is a natural reaction to the current financial crisis, and maybe even the US could benefitĀ from socialist policies.

A communist revolution in western Europe would be greeted by curiosity and derision in the U.S. state-controlled media. But if such a social upheaval were to protect French living standards from a global Depression spinning out of control, it might also prove inspiring to increasingly desperate Americans.

He also tells the story of a man in Tajikistan who preferred life in Soviet times, despite having more wealth and choice today. I heard the same things when I was living in Kazakhstan. It is totally believable because, like Rall says, people appreciate individual freedoms, but we are social animals as well.

The cartoon is by Ted Rall too.