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Through-A-Wall-Clipart-IllustrationI don’t imagine I am the only blogger in China having to deal with my site being regularly blocked by the government. My first year here, I was told there are 50,000 people working full time here to monitor the internet and block web sites that carry damaging information.

Too bad they don’t do a better job, cause I have never (I think) written something negative about China–or maybe I am doing that now. In fact, most of what I write is quite positive about China, like the bit on greening-up the coal powered generation plants.  

Anyway, sorry I have not posted in some time, but it is not my fault! I can get around the block with a proxy switch, but then I am unable to sign in to my blog host–until today! I went to the WordPress website, signed in there and then I opened the proxy switch and went to my blog. I was still signed in and here I am blogging again.