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Sorry for my long absence.

I received an email today from an author based in Shanghai. he has written and published a book called “The End of Copycat China: the rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in Asia.”

As of yet, I don’t have a copy and have not read, but I am glad to see such a title.

My own take on the whole issue has always been that–yes– China manufacturers do copy others products and ideas, but people have been doing that all over the world for years.

As a ten year resident of China, I am happy to see there are some signs of growth in innovation and individualism among the locals here.



  1. Philip, thank you for posting about my upcoming book. I do appreciate it. Since you first arrived it China, it has been great to see the development of innovation and individualism here over the past ten years. It is only going to increase in the coming years. I look forward to discussing rising innovation and the changing Chinese consumer with you and your readers here. Thanks again. Shaun Rein

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